About Us

The Claudio St. James and Company was founded, recognizing the hair care industry was not adequately serving Black women. Black-owned, this company was among the first to launch a major product line with essential oils, specifically formulated to nurture and nourish braids and Black kinky and curly natural hair. And since 1990, Claudio St. James and Company has been dedicated to excellence in quality and service, expanding their product line to address the evolving needs of Black consumers.


“I read somewhere that business was ‘solving a problem to make a profit.’ That is pretty much how I got my start in hair care products,” says Claudio St. Jasmes and Company founder S. Tucker. “I created my first product, an oil-sheen conditioner for braids with Vitamin E, because my wife brought it to my attention that the products she was using was water-based, would evaporate and leave her hair frizzy. And after my daughter explained to me the reason why she was patting her head so often, I created an oil-based mentholated product to soothe scalp discomfort and pain when her braids were tight or freshly done.”