All in 1 Combo (Plus Free Brush) FREE SHIPPING
All in 1 Combo (Plus Free Brush) FREE SHIPPING
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All in 1 Combo (Plus Free Brush) FREE SHIPPING


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In this combo you get 6 Hair Care Products plus 1 free brush.

Braiding Jelly

Blue Ice

Soft N Foamy Mousse

Braid Oil - Vitamin E

Egyptian Sparkle

Apricot Hair Food

and a FREE Edge Control Brush


Braiding Jelly

Professional stylist or braiding is your passionate hobby? Either way, you know how impossible gripping short hairs might seem at times. Grab the worlds’ №1 non-flaking ringing gel and love how much easier braiding could be. Make the impossible possible, and achieve quicker results. To add more glamour to your braids, we recommend lightly spraying All Natural Braid Oil as a finishing touch.

Blue Ice Antiseptic with Myrrh

Keep your body, hair, and spirit calm and balanced, introduce Blue Ice Antiseptic with Myrrh to your senses. Benefit from the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of the myrrh, while relieving overly tightened braids and removing dirt, germs, and excess oils from the scalp. Enjoy the cooling sensation of the menthol and spray on to the body after a good workout to rejuvenate tired muscles while also leaving your skin refreshingly clean. Refresh, revitalize, and enliven your skin and hair now.

Soft N Foamy Mousse

Recommended by professional stylist and braiders, our soft and foamy mousse is what your hair will thank you for. Spray evenly onto your hair now, and realize how tons of satisfied customers added more body and resilient shine. Stay proud with your healthier and more manageable hair. Perfect for braids, perms, wraps, and wet & wavy styles. Pamper yours now.

Soft N Foamy Mousse leaves hair soft and shiny with body. Works perfectly with braids, perms, wraps, and wet & wavy styles.


Braid Oil - Vitamin E

With its healthy hair inspired blend of ingredients, All Natural Braid Oil is the only way to keep your braids healthy and glamorous. Benefit from the rich, moisturizing properties of the olive oil and add more strength, shine, manageability and extra softness to your hair. Help your hair grow quicker and treat premature greying while strengthening your hair from the roots and leaving it deeply nourished.  

Directions: Hold bottle 6 inches from head and spray lightly all over. Then rub in Braid Oil in with the palm of the hand. For addition glitter, lightly spray water on top of oil. 

Egyptian Sparkle

Your hair craves a treatment worthy of a queen? How would you like to add more luster while rejuvenating your hair to its healthy state? We are proud to introduce you to Egyptian Sparkle, a product loved by Natural Stylists. Grab this clean, allergy-free, no fragrance and no animal fats, treatment worthy of a queen and see your hair revitalized to its natural state.

Perm and braid sheen polish with conditioner. Adds luster while penetrating and repairing damaged hair. (Natural Stylist love this product.) Egyptian Sparkle is Clear, Allergy-free, and has no fragrances.  


Turn frizzy, damaged, unmanageable hair into shiny, luscious locs to create the wow factor others will talk about forever. Pamper yourself with an Apricot Hair Food infused with Vitamin E, to bring back life to your hair. Support healthy scalp and add shine to your revitalized thickened and moisturized hair. 

"The Best of the Best" it really works.

-Promotes Growth

-Prevents Breakage

-Dandruff Control

-Dry Scalp Conditioner  


Control Your edges with Claudio St. James' Edge Control Brush. Made With Bristles Perfect for keep those edges in line. 

(Brush is 6 inches long)